pagina manpresaGrupo M&M is certified under the norm ISO 9001:2015, guarantee that all those who work in the group, recognize the customer as the center of our work and the quality as the essential ingredient of our services. World class ISO 9001:2015 quality represents the daily commitment of Grupo M&M that we will do everything to fully comply with the terms of the agreed quality to our clients.

In MANPRESA, a Grupo M&M´s company, we specialize in providing an integral service in all areas of attention that your company needs, in such way we have developed a list of preventive and corrective services to satisfy your needs.

 Some of the services delivered by Manpresa are:

• Electrical and mechanical suppliers installation
• Correction of leaks in pipes, pistols and hoses
• Pumping units change
• Residential and industrial electrical installation review
• Fuel tanks cleaning (clean and black)
• Grease traps cleaning
• Design and manufacture of construction plans with their corresponding permissions
• Integrated and planned permissions red tape
• Documented record of all services under the ISO mode which allows adequate traceability
• Renovation and/or construction of stations for self-consumption or public service.

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