pagina transportes mSpecialized and ISO: 9001:2015 certified company in clean products (diesel, petrol, kerosene and canfin) trading. Currently serving a portfolio of more than 150 clients around the country and various economic sectors such as agriculture, dry cargo, shipping industry, public transportation and industry, without forgetting the wide experience in the care of shipping such as dredgers and freighters in the various docks around the country.

The wide and modern fleet of over 45 units are guarantee of traceability for your product. All units are duly authorized by differetnt country regulators, with a global positioning system for immediate interaction, demonstrating the client at all times, and when required the location point or approximate time of arrival at the place of unloading.

We have for the whole group, up to date policies required by national legislation, and ensuring the product since it leaves Recope until it arrives at its destination. Is the only enterprises in the country together with TOC, with up to ¢30 million coverage  per trip, ensuring total coverage of the carried product. Policy on liability and Umbrella for $1.2 million that covers 100% of the operations of the five companies.

All our drivers have the First Response to Incidents Involving Hazardous Materials course (PRIMAP – for its acronym in Spanish), delivered by the Benemérito Cuerpo de Bomberos de Costa Rica and supported by USAID/OFDA/LAC of the United States of North America, 24-hour course passed by individual final grade.

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