Advantages of Grupo M&M as your trading partner

  • • Timely delivery of fuel. The only requirement is to request the order 24 hours in advance. Credit opportunities for purchasing fuel.
    • Funding for renting or selling equipment at the customer facilities. Binnacle of internal controls.
    • Orders pre-sales and post-sales  services. Customer Service Management Department.
    • Constant trainings.
  • • GPS traceability of your order in all our units.
    • Only company with up to 30 million colones coverage for customer´s load.
    • Policy on liability and umbrella for $1.2 million, which covers 100% of the operations of all our five companies.

Permissions red tape

Grupo M&M is a company with more than 40 years of existence specialized in trading clean fuels (diesel, canfin and gasoline), where apart from supplying this service and due to our extensive experience in this field, we are additionally dedicated to providing service in aspects such as processing permits for fuel storage according to the regulations of MINAE and SETENA.


Construction manual

In Grupo M&M we specialize in providing specialized consultancy in highly competitive topics such as those related to design and construction of private fuel consumption modules. Our range of services includes:


Preventive maintenance, accessories and services

In MANPRESA, one of Grupo M&M companies, we specialize in giving an integral service in all areas of attention that your company may need, in such way we have developed a list of preventive and corrective services listed below:


Product receipt procedure

When requesting an order 24 hours in advance or be contacted by our Service Management Department, it is important to take into account the following recommendations as advisor on the cistern's discharge: