Grupo M&M is today the most prominent business group in the field of marketing and distribution of hydrocarbons in Costa Rica. This field, known as the peddler activity, began in Costa Rica since 1958, primarily to cater the Costa Rican family in circumstances of very limited electricity; therefore, it was mostly distribution of kerosene, a fuel used as a calorie source for kitchen and household lighting.

Grupo M&M has contributed for over 50 years to grow this industry, by providing safety, agile and customer oriented services. Therefore, it currently has a wide and selected client base from different industries, like manufacturing, food, tourism, and services, where reliable and timely fuel supply is mandatory and customer valued.

Likewise, new complementary services, such as hydrocarbons management, maintenance and storage advice, through MANPRESA branch have helped Grupo M&M action framework to grow.

During these 50+ years of existence, the concept of business group, has formed what today allows a greater adaptability to the reading of the times at a time where the world is constantly changing, and thus show an excellent response capability with new ideas, all within the framework of the safety, quality and dedicated service to our clients. They bring with them significant challenges to grow successfully in a globalized world.

Group M&M  is the only company certified ISO 9001:2015  in the field of fuel distribution in Central America, allowing the confidence of our customers in a business relationship at the highest level.

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